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A toolbox for any home

toolboxIn a typical household, a well-equipped toolbox is a necessary item for completing jobs around the house, e.g hanging a picture, installing a new lightbulb, repairing electrical wire, etc. Therefore here are what you need to know in order to have the perfect toolbox for your house:

Your Tool Box

Obviously, the toolbox itself. You need to organize your tools so that everything is ready at your disposal. A toolbox is like a house for your tool; therefore, it should, needless to say, have enough space for your tools and have separate section for each tool and most important of all, it should be easily portable. You want to be able to take it easily everywhere with you.

Now the content inside, I’d recommend the screwdriver set.

Screws are everywhere in this day and age, ranging from household appliances to your child’s toys. That makes it a must- have tools. This set should includes all shapes and size so as to open all kinds of screws. Look for the set with magnetic tips and comfortable grips to help you in screwing and unscrewing much easier.

Claw Hammer

claw-hammerNext is the claw hammer. Generating a lot of force on small surfaces, capable of driving in even the most stubborn nail, you cannot call it a toolbox without this wonderful tool. One end is used to pull, the other end is used to push, both ends are used to break and smash stuff. Hence, to facilitate the using of this tool, choose something light, about half a kilo is enough with rubber, plastic, or vinyl handles for better grip.

Moving on, the wrench is next in line; preferable, an adjustable one. Having an adjustable wrench is like having multiple wrenches at your arsenal. Apart from being held together by screws, household appliances currently in the market are also kept from falling apart by nuts and bolts. making the wrench equally importance as the other tools. Having this is much cheaper and more convenient than having the whole set of wrenches.

In addition to that the pincers, i.e the tools you would use for holding or twisting something with great force or maybe cutting something hard like steel wire, extremely useful for bending something back to its original shapes. That makes it no less importance than other things in your toolbox.

The tape measure, the tool you would use for, well, measuring stuff. You want to measure everything with “surgical precision” so as to do all the calculation necessary when buying a new piece of furniture. It’s better to measure twice and be sure than to get it wrong and do everything from scratch. A 16-foot long tape measure should do the trick for most jobs.


Lastly, a level, a tool that guarantees a straight line for all of your hanging decoratives. Choose a 3 to 4-foot level to make sure that all that you hang will have nothing less than horizontal perfection. To make the job even easier, without using a long “stick”, go for a laser level.

On a side note: If you need something more powerful than manual tools but don’t want to spend money on electrical one, air tools are the perfect alternative. Click here for the list of the best portable air compressors and the air tools that come with it