How to hatch chicken eggs in an incubator?

Hatching egg is not an easy process but now with some of the best chicken incubator it is undoubtedly on simple and easy technique. There are some amazing new ranges of chicken incubators coming up in the market, check the best egg incubator reviews and accordingly invest on the tool. However not many individuals can afford incubators the reason being its expense price tag. The best thing about incubator is that you can place it anywhere in your room and after 21 days chicks start turning out from the incubator. Isn’t it one smart and effective way of hatching egg?

Setting up the incubator

hatching-eggThe first step is to set up the incubator, select the number of eggs you want to accommodate based on the size of the device. There are wide variants and sizes of incubators available in the market, its price varies from 50$ to 100 $. Once you select suitable incubator the most important thing is to set up the correct temperature, humidity, ventilation and other specific as per the need. Make sure the temperature is set at 99.5 degree, one degree lower or higher can terminate the embryo so be carefully. Set the humidity level to 40 to 50 percent for first 18 days and around 65 to 75 percent for final few days.

Finding fertile eggs

finding-fertile-eggsThe next most important task is to find fertile eggs, majority eggs laid are fertile yet be careful while selecting. Make sure you collect eggs as early as possible after it is being laid and transfer it to the incubator. You can always seek the help of experts for buying some fertile eggs. With time there are few online portals coming up where you can order fertile eggs sitting back at home. There are enough options available in the market when it comes to finding fertile eggs.


The incubation process takes around 21 days’ time, in few cases it may be a day or two earlier or late. Before you place the eff make sure the heat source is turned on and measure temperature as well as humidity as necessary. Make sure the optimal temperature is maintained all the time within the incubator. As the incubator starts working or functioning properly it’s a matter of time to maintain the environment till chicks start hatching egg.


Once the above steps are done you can count days till eggs start hatching. With final days nearing you can observe that fetus becomes active and eventually the chick will come out of the egg. It is normal that the check will rest for around 6 to 12 hours inside the egg while its lungs get adjusted to start functioning as normal. Resist your temptation to take out the chicks, slightest of ignorance can hurt the chick or cause any other problem. Once the chicken is free from egg, allow it to dry inside the warm incubator for some hours before moving into the brooder. There it will spend the first few weeks of its life.