How to install speakers in car? 

With time there are various new types of best 6.5 car speakers coming up in the market that can help you enjoy on the move. Some of the best quality car speakers are known to be unique and coming up with whole new features. But how do you install car speakers? Here are some important techniques that can help you in the process.


best-6-5-car-speakersBefore you start installing car speakers it is important to select suitable car speaker. At present there are hundreds of such car speakers available in the market. There are few systems coming up with stereo audio system with limited wattage, and few with more abilities and features. Selecting the best car speaker meeting your need and budget is important. Speaker come in various new shapes and sizes, select models based on your existing one. The quality of speaker you are selecting also holds the key, speaker with fabric cones re better in comparison to ceramic and paper magnet speakers.


Getting ready

Try to gather all useful tools for installing the speakers. There are numerous options available in the market, select speakers that are best and ideal for your purpose. Apart from that collect useful items like hobby knife, electric drill, soldering iron, socket wrenches, Allen wrenches, crimping tool, strippers or wire cutters, electrical tape, Torx driver and file. Make sure the speaker you have selected fits into your car, there are many speakers available in the market that require minor modification during installation. This installation process can be tiring and chances are high that your speaker gets damaged in the process.

Installation process

  • Start the process by removing all spkicker-ds65-6-696x372eaker grilles or panels off. Most speakers are covered with protective grills or panels. Use flat screwdriver to remove all bolts and screws holding it.
  • Next make sure you remove the factory speaker. Speaker is generally attached to wiring harness, take care while removing it. There may be few screws, unscrew it properly.
  • Now connect the new speaker to your car’s electrical system. Generally this process is quite simple. If you don’t have this simple connection in your car, in such cases it is important to connect speaker with crimped or soldered connection.
  • It is important to match the polarity of speakers’ connection properly. When you are installing car speakers, electrical tape can be risky for wire connection. With time and temperature change this may weaken tape leading to all kind of problems. So be careful while using it.
  • Now it is important to test your speakers. This will help in fixing all problems or help you realize whether everything is in order or not. Normally your speaker will start working but if there is some electrical connection problems it may not work.
  • Once you are sure that the speaker is working properly, secure it in the doors, dash or in its seat. If the speaker is not fitting properly you need to make new drills or hole and with best quality adhesives mount the speaker properly.