Mouthwatering Low Carb Desserts

Low carb does not automatically mean revolting. One of the main reasons why people gain weight and break away from any form of diet is their sweet tooth. There are the yummy cakes, the luscious chocolates, and those mouthwatering desserts! However, there is a way to lose weight, stay healthy, and still indulge your sweet tooth. Low carb diets still have many scrumptious and sweet desserts. In fact, there are so many that I haven’t even had time to try them all!

The level of carbs that you are supposed to keep in your diet would dictate the types of desserts that you can try. Those on a very strict low-carb diet could go for those baked goodies that are made from coconut meal and sucralose or stevia as sugar substitutes. However, if you’re less strict, then fruits are also great as a dessert or if you prefer something with more bite to it, then there’s always cheesecakes!
Cheesecake is pretty low carb already as a dessert, but when you make it without the crust or with an almond crust and replace the sugar with a sugar substitute, then you’ll have created a gem! A lot of people find it hard to believe that the great-tasting cheesecake is low carb, but that’s the truth.

Another option is sugar-free chocolates. While sugar alcohol isn’t good for you, it can be taken in moderation, and it is used to replace the sugar in sugar-free chocolates. I’ve personally found that sugar alcohol does still spike my blood sugar some, but not as much as real sugar does. If you’re not a big fan of sugar alcohol and other artificial sweeteners, then dark chocolate is a great option. Chocolates with over 75% cocoa content are advisable. You might not like how dark chocolates taste at first, but you will get used to it. You can start low, with 75% cocoa content, and then go up to 80%. Some people already balk at chocolates above 85%, but there are others who do enjoy them, even those at 100%. You can also make your own chocolates, especially if you have culinary skills. Make your own truffles by mixing almond pieces or coconut flakes with melted chocolate. For alcoholic truffles, you can simply add a bit of whiskey.

Since low carb desserts are not largely sold anywhere, you can make them yourself. There are a lot of websites online that can give you recipes on making low carb desserts, such as muffins and cheesecakes. These low carb desserts require specific and special ingredients that are unlike your usual flour and sugar, but when it comes to the key ingredients such as butter, egg and baking powder, you can readily buy them anywhere. Many people have come up with ways of creating the same foods that they used to enjoy before they went on the diet but without the carbs. You have to exercise caution when tweaking recipes, however, because the margin of error is very slim. For example, when cooking with coconut flour, you need to put in a lot more eggs than you normally would for baking, but this is necessary!

You have a lot of recipes and desserts to choose and enjoy. Treat this experience as a whole new gastronomic journey! Low carb is definitely not boring. You’d actually find yourself exercising more creativity than usual!ing for a 5Kwant more muscle